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Learning to Paint in Egg Tempera is a video course

by award winning artist Jason Drake


Most artists who try egg tempera give up because its hard.

We make it easy.

Painting in egg tempera may be difficult, but this course is easy to follow and will help you become skilled in this incredible medium. You'll learn from an experienced artist who will show you what to do next. Starting with the materials you'll need, how to make paint, and how to choose the right painting surface, you'll be given practical exercises and step-by-step demonstrations that will strengthen your understanding of painting principles.

"I have read...all of the books on egg tempera painting but never been able to figure it out. The videos (in this course) clarified and simplified everything and were easy to understand. I have watched them twice."


Learning to Paint in Egg Tempera Student

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History of Egg Tempera
Color Chart Exercise

"...well structured, pleasantly paced, easy on the eye and ear, and (Jason's) mellifluous voice is soothing and reassuring!"


Award Winning Egg Tempera Artist

About The Course

Each chapter is designed to give you progressive knowledge and practical experience so that you can complete an egg tempera painting from start to finish. When you are finished you will have developed a new skill and can can produce artwork in this lustrous medium no matter what your subject.








"... clear and articulate and easy to follow. I enjoyed watching Jason’s methods and hope to incorporate them into my own work."


Learning to Paint in Egg Tempera Student

About Jason Drake

Jason Drake is an American realist painter whose portfolio includes oil, watercolor, and egg tempera paintings. He has won national awards in each medium from such prestigious organizations as The Portrait Society of America, the ARC International Salon and Exhibition, and Fine Art Connoisseur magazine.

The magazine singled out Jason as an artist to watch and recently wrote, “With so much thought, observation, and reflection behind each piece, it is clear why Drake’s paintings frequently cause viewers to pause.”

Gallery owner Tim Miller wrote, “The depth and emotion of his paintings captures the attention of every client who enters the gallery and he’s been a sought after name amongst our patrons for years. Jason’s work is as stimulating as it is mature, as beautiful as it is timeless.”

Living with his wife Holly and their dog Max in the Appalachian Mountains near Boone, North Carolina, Jason creates detailed realistic paintings of the natural world that surrounds him. He is committed to producing works that reflect the glory of God and the dignity of Man.

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The price is $175 (USD) payable by credit card or through PayPal. When you purchase, you will create an account with this site so that you may return at any time, sign in, and view content on demand.

What is included in the course?

The price of $175 includes over 6 hours of HD resolution video instruction from award winning artist Jason Drake with additional downloadable material in an Appendix to help you get the most from the course. You will also have access to free video material that will be added to the course in later installments.

Once I purchase the course, how do I view the content?

When you purchase, you will create an account with this site so that you may return at any time, sign in, and view content on demand as many times as you wish. Once you login, you will be able to select any chapter in the course to view.

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You may purchase a gift card that allows you to give the course as a gift through email. Click on the link in the footer. 

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When you purchase, you will create an account with this site so that you may return at any time, sign-in, and view content on demand as often as you wish.

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